International Symposium on DIStributed Computing (DISC) 2018

Accepted Papers

To be presented in October 16-18.

Invited Presentations

  • Sándor P. Fekete: Autonomous Vehicles: From Individual Navigation to Challenges of Distributed Swarms
  • Tom Goldstein: Challenges for machine learning on distributed platforms
  • Michael Mendler: Logical Analysis of Distributed Systems: The Importance of Being Constructive

Regular Presentations

  • Yehuda Afek, Yuval Emek and Noa Kolikant. Selecting a Leader in a Network of Finite State Machines
  • Yehuda Afek, Shaked Rafaeli and Moshe Sulamy. The Role of A-priori Information in Networks of Rational Agents
  • Mohamad Ahmadi, Fabian Kuhn and Rotem Oshman. Distributed Approximate Maximum Matching in the CONGEST Model
  • Karolos Antoniadis, Rachid Guerraoui, Dahlia Malkhi and Dragos-Adrian Seredinschi. State Machine Replication is Harder than Consensus
  • James Aspnes, Bernhard Haeupler, Alexander Tong and Philipp Woelfel. Allocate-On-Use Space Complexity of Shared-Memory Algorithms
  • Alkida Balliu, Sebastian Brandt, Dennis Olivetti and Jukka Suomela. Almost Global Problems in the LOCAL Model
  • Petra Berenbrink, Robert Elsässer, Tom Friedetzky, Dominik Kaaser, Peter Kling and Tomasz Radzik. A population protocol for exact majority with $O(\log^{5/3} n)$ stabilization time and asymptotically optimal number of states
  • Alon Berger, Idit Keidar and Alexander Spiegelman. Integrated Bounds for Disintegrated Storage
  • Marthe Bonamy, Paul Ouvrard, Mikaël Rabie, Jukka Suomela and Jara Uitto. Distributed Recoloring
  • Sebastian Brandt, Jara Uitto and Roger Wattenhofer. A Tight Bound for Semi-Synchronous Collaborative Grid Exploration
  • Gregory Chockler and Alexey Gotsman. Multi-Shot Distributed Transaction Commit
  • Artur Czumaj and Peter Davies. Deterministic Blind Radio Networks
  • Artur Czumaj and Christian Konrad. Detecting cliques in CONGEST networks
  • Eli Daian, Giuliano Losa, Yehuda Afek and Eli Gafni. Deterministic Objects Give Life to Non-Deterministic 1-Consensus Tasks
  • Henry Daly, Ahmed Hassan, Michael Spear and Roberto Palmieri. NUMASK: High Performance Scalable Skip List for NUMA
  • Giuseppe Antonio Di Luna, Paola Flocchini, Nicola Santoro and Giovanni Viglietta. TuringMobile: A Turing Machine of Oblivious Mobile Robots with Limited Visibility and its Applications
  • Fabien Dufoulon, Janna Burman and Joffroy Beauquier. Beeping a Deterministic Time-Optimal Leader Election
  • Aryaz Eghbali and Philipp Woelfel. An Almost Tight RMR Lower Bound for Abortable Test-And-Set
  • Guy Even, Mohsen Ghaffari and Moti Medina. Distributed Set Cover Approximation: Primal-Dual with Optimal Locality
  • Yotam M. Y. Feldman, Constantin Enea, Adam Morrison, Noam Rinetzky and Sharon Shoham. Order out of Chaos: Proving Linearizability Using Local Views
  • Laurent Feuilloley, Pierre Fraigniaud, Juho Hirvonen, Ami Paz and Mor Perry. Redundancy in Distributed Proofs
  • Laurent Feuilloley and Juho Hirvonen. Local verification of global proofs
  • Manuela Fischer and Mohsen Ghaffari. A Simple Parallel and Distributed Sampling Technique: Local Glauber Dynamics
  • Matthias Függer and Thomas Nowak. Fast Multidimensional Asymptotic and Approximate Consensus
  • Paweł Garncarek, Tomasz Jurdzinski and Dariusz Kowalski. Local queuing under contention
  • Mohsen Ghaffari and Fabian Kuhn. Derandomizing Distributed Algorithms with Small Messages: Spanners and Dominating Set
  • Mohsen Ghaffari and Fabian Kuhn. Distributed MST and Broadcast with Fewer Messages, and Faster Gossiping
  • Mohsen Ghaffari and Jason Li. New Distributed Algorithms in Almost Mixing Time via Transformations from Parallel Algorithms
  • Robert Gmyr and Gopal Pandurangan. Time-Message Trade-offs in Distributed Algorithms
  • Yael Kalai, Ilan Komargodski and Ran Raz. A Lower Bound for Adaptively-Secure Collective Coin-Flipping Protocols
  • Ken-Ichi Kawarabayashi and Gregory Schwartzman. Adapting Local Sequential Algorithms to the Distributed Setting
  • Jason Li and Bernhard Haeupler. Faster Distributed Shortest Path Approximations via Shortcuts
  • Julian Loss, Ueli Maurer and Daniel Tschudi. Strong Separations Between Broadcast and Authenticated Channels
  • Ali Mashreghi and Valerie King. Broadcast and minimum spanning tree with o(m) messages in the asynchronous CONGEST model
  • Calvin Newport and Peter Robinson. Fault-Tolerant Consensus with an Abstract MAC Layer
  • Merav Parter and Hsin-Hao Su. (Delta+1)-Coloring in O(log* Delta) Congested-Clique Rounds
  • Merav Parter and Eylon Yogev. Congested Clique Algorithms for Graph Spanners
  • Xiong Zheng, Changyong Hu and Vijay Garg. Lattice Agreement in Distributed Message Passing Systems

Brief Announcements

  • Philipp Bamberger, Fabian Kuhn and Yannic Maus. Brief Announcement: Local Distributed Algorithms in Highly Dynamic Networks
  • Artur Czumaj and Peter Davies. Brief Announcement: Randomized Blind Radio Networks
  • Gianluca De Marco, Dariusz Kowalski and Grzegorz Stachowiak. Brief Announcement: Deterministic contention resolution on a shared channel
  • Simon Doherty, Brijesh Dongol, Heike Wehrheim and John Derrick. Brief announcement: Generalising Concurrent Correctness to Weak Memory
  • David Doty, Mahsa Eftekhari, Othon Michail, Paul Spirakis and Michail Theofilatos. Brief Announcement: Exact size counting in uniform population protocols in nearly logarithmic time
  • Reginald Frank and Jennifer Welch. Brief Announcement: A Tight Lower Bound for Clock Synchronization in Odd-Ary M-Toroids
  • Seth Gilbert, Nancy Lynch, Calvin Newport and Dominik Pajak. Brief Announcement: On Simple Back-Off in Complicated Radio Networks
  • Shreyas Gokhale and Neeraj Mittal. Brief Announcement: Fast and Scalable Group Mutual Exclusion
  • Éric Goubault, Jérémy Ledent and Samuel Mimram. Brief announcement: On the impossibility of detecting concurrency
  • Dimitris Sakavalas, Lewis Tseng and Nitin Vaidya. Brief Announcement: Effects of Topology Knowledge and Relay Depth on Asynchronous Consensus
  • Yuichi Sudo, Fukuhito Ooshita, Hirotsugu Kakugawa and Toshimitsu Masuzawa. Brief Announcement: Loosely-stabilizing Leader Election with Polylogarithmic Convergence Time
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