Accepted Papers

Regular Papers

Evangelos Bampas, Joffroy Beauquier, Janna Burman and William Guy-Obé
Treasure hunt with volatile pheromones

Giovanni Viglietta and Giuseppe Antonio Di Luna
Optimal Computation in Leaderless and Multi-Leader Disconnected Anonymous Dynamic Networks

Hagit Attiya, Pierre Fraigniaud, Ami Paz and Sergio Rajsbaum
One Step Forward, One Step Back: FLP-Style Proofs and the Round-Reduction Technique for Colorless Tasks

Pierre Fraigniaud, Frédéric Mazoit, Pedro Montealegre, Ivan Rapaport and Ioan Todinca
Distributed Certification for Classes of Dense Graphs

Marc Fuchs and Fabian Kuhn
List Defective Colorings: Distributed Algorithms and Applications

Bernadette Charron-Bost and Louis Penet de Monterno
Self-Stabilizing Clock Synchronization in Probabilistic Networks

Avery Miller and Andrzej Pelc
Fast Deterministic Rendezvous in Labeled Lines

Christoph Grunau, Rustam Latypov, Yannic Maus, Shreyas Pai and Jara Uitto
Conditionally Optimal Parallel Coloring of Forests

Sahil Dhoked, Wojciech Golab and Neeraj Mittal
Modular Recoverable Mutual Exclusion Under System-Wide Failures

Gadi Taubenfeld
Memory-anonymous Starvation-free Mutual Exclusion: Possibility and Impossibility Results

Sarah Azouvi, Guy Goren, Lioba Heimbach and Alexander Hicks
Base Fee Manipulation In Ethereum’s EIP-1559 Transaction Fee Mechanism

Anh Tran and Edward Talmage
Improved and Partially-Tight Lower Bounds for Message-Passing Implementations of Multiplicity Queues

Youer Pu, Ali Farahbakhsh, Lorenzo Alvisi and Ittay Eyal
Gorilla: Safe Permissionless Byzantine Consensus

Emmanuel Godard and Yannis Coutouly
A Topology by Geometrization for Sub-Iterated Immediate Snapshot Message Adversaries and Applications to Set-Agreement

Xiao Li, Eric Chan and Mohsen Lesani
On the power of quorum subsumption for heterogeneous quorum systems

Ittai Abraham, Danny Dolev, Ittay Eyal and Joseph Halpern
Colordag: An Incentive-Compatible Blockchain

Raïssa Nataf, Guy Goren and Yoram Moses
Null Messages, Information and Coordination

Naama Ben-David, Gal Sela and Adriana Szekeres
The FIDS Theorems: Tensions between Multinode and Multicore Performance in Transactional Systems

Ananya Appan, Anirudh Chandramouli and Ashish Choudhury
Network Agnostic Perfectly Secure MPC Against General Adversaries

Romain Cosson, Laurent Massoulié and Laurent Viennot
Breadth-First Depth-Next: Optimal Collaborative Exploration of Trees with Low Diameter

Peter Robinson
Distributed Sketching Lower Bounds for k-Edge Connected Spanning Subgraph, Breadth-First Search Tree, and LCL Problems

Idit Keidar, Oded Naor, Ouri Poupko and Ehud Shapiro
Cordial Miners: Fast and Efficient Consensus for Every Eventuality

Hagit Attiya, Armando Castañeda and Thomas Nowak
Topological Characterization of Task Solvability in General Models of Computation

Prasad Jayanti, Siddhartha Jayanti and Sucharita Jayanti
Durable Algorithms for Writable LL/SC and CAS with Dynamic Joining

Erica Blum, Elette Boyle, Ran Cohen and Chen-Da Liu-Zhang
Communication Lower Bounds for Cryptographic Broadcast Protocols

Karine Altisen, Stéphane Devismes and Pierre Corbineau
Certified Round Complexity of Self-Stabilizing Algorithms

Rachid Guerraoui, Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Anastasiia Kucherenko, Rafael Pinot and Sasha Voitovych
On the Inherent Anonymity of Gossiping

Alkida Balliu, Sebastian Brandt, Fabian Kuhn, Dennis Olivetti and Gustav Schmid
On the Node-Averaged Complexity of Locally Checkable Problems on Trees

Mathilde Déprés, Achour Mostéfaoui, Matthieu Perrin and Michel Raynal
Send/Receive Patterns versus Read/Write Patterns

Mélanie Cambus, Fabian Kuhn, Shreyas Pai and Jara Uitto
Time and Space Optimal Massively Parallel Algorithm for the 2-ruling Set Problem

Irina Kostitsyna, Tom Peters and Bettina Speckmann
Fast Reconfiguration for Programmable Matter

Maxime Flin, Magnus Halldorsson and Alexandre Nolin
Fast Coloring Despite Congested Relays

Pierre Civit, Seth Gilbert, Rachid Guerraoui, Jovan Komatovic, Matteo Monti and Manuel Vidigueira
Every Bit Counts in Consensus

Davide Frey, Mathieu Gestin and Michel Raynal
The Synchronization Power (Consensus Number) of Access-Control Objects: The Case of AllowList and DenyList

Brief Announcements

Marc Leinweber and Hannes Hartenstein
Let It TEE: Asynchronous Byzantine Atomic Broadcast with n >= 2f+1

Vitaly Aksenov, Michael Anopenko, Alexander Fedorov and Michael Spear
BatchBoost: Universal Batching for Concurrent Data Structures

Hagit Attiya and Jennifer Welch
Multi-Valued Connected Consensus: A New Perspective on Crusader Agreement and Adopt-Commit

Michael Chen, A. Pavan and N. V. Vinodchandran
Relations between Space-Bounded and Adaptive Massively Parallel Computations

Yuval Gelles and Ilan Komargodski
Scalable Agreement Protocols with Optimal Optimistic Efficiency

Alfredo Navarra and Francesco Piselli
Linearization in Silent Programmable Matter

Jakeb Chouinard, Kush Kansara, Xialin Liu, Nihal Potdar and Wojciech Golab
On Implementing Wear Leveling in Persistent Synchronization Structures

Sameep Dahal, Francesco d’Amore, Henrik Lievonen, Timothé Picavet and Jukka Suomela
Distributed derandomization revisited

Tomer Lev Lehman, Hagit Attiya and Danny Hendler
Recoverable and Detectable Self-Implementations of Swap

Giuliano Losa and Eli Gafni
Byzantine Consensus Under Dynamic Participation with a Well-Behaved Majority

Ehud Shapiro
Grassroots Distributed Systems: Concept, Examples, Implementation and Applications

Sean Ovens
The Space Complexity of Set Agreement Using Swap

Shir Cohen and Idit Keidar
Subquadratic Multivalued Asynchronous Byzantine Agreement WHP