International Symposium on DIStributed Computing (DISC) 2022

Workshop Program

All workshops will be held in-person at the Georgia Cyber Center in Augusta, Georgia. For workshop participants who are registered but unable to travel the talks will be accessible through Zoom. Registered participants will receive instructions for how to access the (private) Zoom webcast via e-mail.

All times are in US Eastern Daylight Time = EDT = UTC-04:00 but use 24-hour format.


Monday, October 24


9:00 Francois Le Gall: Quantum Distributed Computing
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 Pierre Fraigniaud: Speedup Theorems for All
11:30 Michal Dory: Distance Computation in Massive Graphs
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Orr Fischer: Massively Parallel Computation in a Heterogeneous Regime: One Strong Machine Makes a Big Difference
15:00 Yi-Jun Chang: Distributed Graph Algorithms in Minor-Free Networks
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Sepehr Assadi: Lower Bounds for Distributed Sketching

Friday, October 28


10:30 Jakub Łącki: Massively Parallel Computation: Theory and Practice
11:30 Break
12:00 Sam Coy: Connectivity and Spanning Forest Problems in MPC
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Peter Davies: Lower Bounds in Massively Parallel Computation
15:00 Yasamin Nazari: Distance Computation in MPC and Related Models
16:00 Workshop ends


9:00 Ross Jones: Mammalian synthetic biology by controller design
10:00 Sylvie Méléard: Mathematical modeling of hematopoiesis: stem cell regulation and fluctuations
11:00 Alvaro Sanchez: Engineering microbial consortia by exploring functional landscapes
12:00 Break/Lunch
14:00 Xiaojun Tian: Design, Predict, and Build to Understand and Control Circuit-Host Interactions
15:00 Corina Tarnita: Counting loners or loners that count