International Symposium on DIStributed Computing (DISC) 2017

Accepted Papers

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Regular Papers:

  • Reuse, don’t Recycle: Transforming Lock-free Algorithms that Throw Away Descriptors
    Maya Arbel-Raviv and Trevor Brown
  • Demand-Aware Network Designs of Bounded Degree
    Chen Avin, Kaushik Mondal and Stefan Schmid
  • Certification of Compact Low-Stretch Routing Schemes
    Alkida Balliu and Pierre Fraigniaud
  • Near-Optimal Approximate Shortest Paths and Transshipment in Distributed and Streaming Models
    Ruben Becker, Andreas Karrenbauer, Sebastian Krinninger and Christoph Lenzen
  • Asynchronous approach in the plane: A deterministic polynomial algorithm
    Sébastien Bouchard, Marjorie Bournat, Yoann Dieudonné, Swan Dubois and Franck Petit
  • Cost of Concurrency in Hybrid Transactional Memory
    Trevor Brown and Srivatsan Ravi
  • Quadratic and Near-Quadratic Lower Bounds for the CONGEST model
    Keren Censor-Hillel, Seri Khoury and Ami Paz
  • Derandomizing Local Distributed Algorithms under Bandwidth Restrictions
    Keren Censor-Hillel, Merav Parter and Gregory Schwartzman
  • On the Number of Objects with Distinct Power and the Linearizability of Set Agreement Objects
    David Yu Cheng Chan, Vassos Hadzilacos and Sam Toueg
  • Fast plurality consensus in regular expanders
    Colin Cooper, Tomasz Radzik, Nicolas Rivera and Takeharu Shiraga
  • Meeting in a Polygon by Anonymous Oblivious Robots
    Giuseppe Antonio Di Luna, Paola Flocchini, Nicola Santoro, Giovanni Viglietta and Masafumi Yamashita
  • Three Notes on Distributed Property Testing
    Guy Even, Orr Fischer, Pierre Fraigniaud , Tzlil Gonen, Reut Levi, Moti Medina, Pedro Montealegre, Dennis Olivetti, Rotem Oshman, Ivan Rapaport and Ioan Todinca
  • Error-Sensitive Proof-Labeling Schemes
    Laurent Feuilloley and Pierre Fraigniaud
  • Improved Deterministic Distributed Matching via Rounding**
    Manuela Fischer
  • Sublogarithmic Distributed Algorithms for Lovász Local Lemma with Implications on Complexity Hierarchies
    Manuela Fischer and Mohsen Ghaffari
  • Improved Distributed Degree Splitting and Edge Coloring*
    Mohsen Ghaffari, Juho Hirvonen, Fabian Kuhn, Yannic Maus, Jukka Suomela and Jara Uitto
  • Simple and Near-Optimal Distributed Coloring for Sparse Graphs
    Mohsen Ghaffari and Christiana Lymouri
  • Near-Optimal Distributed DFS in Planar Graphs
    Mohsen Ghaffari and Merav Parter
  • Dynamic Analysis of the Arrow Distributed Directory Protocol in General Networks
    Abdolhamid Ghodselahi and Fabian Kuhn
  • Consistency Models with Global Operation Sequencing and their Composition
    Alexey Gotsman and Sebastian Burckhardt
  • Improved Deterministic Distributed Construction of Spanners
    Ofer Grossman and Merav Parter
  • An Efficient Communication Abstraction for Dense Wireless Networks
    Magnus Halldorsson, Fabian Kuhn, Nancy Lynch and Calvin Newport
  • Two-Party Direct-Sum Questions through the Lens of Multiparty Communication Complexity
    Itay Hazan and Eyal Kushilevitz
  • Which Broadcast Abstraction Captures k-Set Agreement?
    Damien Imbs, Achour Mostefaoui, Matthieu Perrin and Michel Raynal
  • Extending Hardware Transactional Memory Capacity via Rollback-Only Transactions and Suspend/Resume
    Shady Issa, Pascal Felber, Alexander Matveev and Paolo Romano
  • Some Lower Bounds in Dynamic Networks with Oblivious Adversaries
    Irvan Jahja, Haifeng Yu and Yuda Zhao
  • Recoverable FCFS Mutual Exclusion
    Prasad Jayanti and Anup Joshi
  • Interactive Compression for Multi-Party Protocols
    Gillat Kol, Rotem Oshman and Dafna Sadeh
  • Self-stabilising Byzantine Clock Synchronisation is Almost as Easy as Consensus
    Christoph Lenzen and Joel Rybicki
  • Neuro-RAM unit with Applications to Similarity Testing and Compression in Spiking Sigmoidal Networks
    Nancy Lynch, Cameron Musco and Merav Parter
  • How large is your graph?
    Frederik Mallmann-Trenn, Varun Kanade and Victor Verdugo
  • Tight Bounds for Connectivity and Set Agreement in Byzantine Synchronous Systems
    Hammurabi Mendes and Maurice Herlihy
  • Recovering Shared Objects Without Stable Storage
    Ellis Michael, Dan Ports, Naveen Sharma and Adriana Szekeres
  • Dali: A Periodically Persistent Hash Map
    Faisal Nawab, Joseph Izraelevitz, Terence Kelly, Charles B. Morrey, Dhruva Chakrabarti and Michael L. Scott
  • Symmetry Breaking in the Congest Model: Time- and Message-Efficient Algorithms for Ruling Sets
    Shreyas Pai, Gopal Pandurangan, Sriram Pemmaraju, Talal Riaz and Peter Robinson
  • Feasibilities and Infeasibilities for Achieving Responsiveness in Permissionless Consensus
    Rafael Pass and Elaine Shi
  • Dynamic Reconfiguration: Abstraction and Optimal Asynchronous Solution
    Alexander Spiegelman, Idit Keidar and Dahlia Malkhi
*best paper
**best student paper

Brief Announcements:

  • Brief Announcement: Practical Synchronous Byzantine Consensus
    Ittai Abraham, Srinivas Devadas, Kartik Nayak and Ling Ren
  • Brief Announcement: The Synergy of Finite State Machines
    Yehuda Afek, Yuval Emek and Noa Kolikant
  • Brief Announcement: Compact Self-Stabilizing Leader Election for General Networks
    Lelia Blin and Sebastien Tixeuil
  • Brief Announcement: A Note on Hardness of Diameter Approximation
    Karl Bringmann and Sebastian Krinninger
  • Brief Announcement: Black-box Concurrent Data Structures for NUMA Architectures
    Irina Calciu, Siddhartha Sen, Mahesh Balakrishnan and Marcos Aguilera
  • Brief Announcement: Crash-tolerant Consensus in Directed Graph Revisited
    Ashish Choudhury, Gayathri Garimella, Arpita Patra, Divya Ravi and Pratik Sarkar
  • Brief Announcement: On the Parallel Undecided-State Dynamics with Two Colors
    Andrea Clementi, Luciano Gualà, Francesco Pasquale and Giacomo Scornavacca
  • Brief Announcement: Shape Formation by Programmable Particles
    Giuseppe Antonio Di Luna, Paola Flocchini, Nicola Santoro, Giovanni Viglietta and Yukiko Yamauchi
  • Brief Announcement: Fast Aggregation in Population Protocols
    Ryota Eguchi and Taiske Izumi
  • Brief Announcement: A Persistent Lock-Free Queue for Non-Volatile Memory
    Michal Friedman, Maurice Herlihy, Virendra Marathe and Erez Petrank
  • Brief Announcement: Lower Bounds for Asymptotic Consensus in Dynamic Networks
    Matthias Függer, Thomas Nowak and Manfred Schwarz
  • Brief Announcement: Applying Predicate Detection to the Stable Marriage Problem
    Vijay Garg
  • Brief Announcement: Towards Reduced Instruction Sets for Synchronization
    Rati Gelashvili, Idit Keidar, Alexander Spiegelman and Roger Wattenhofer
  • Brief Announcement: On Connectivity in the Broadcast Congested Clique
    Tomasz Jurdzinski and Krzysztof Nowicki
  • Brief Announcement: Towards a complexity theory for the congested clique
    Janne H. Korhonen and Jukka Suomela
  • Brief Announcement: Compact Topology of Shared-Memory Adversaries
    Petr Kuznetsov, Thibault Rieutord and Yuan He
  • Brief Announcement: A Local Algorithm for the Sparse Spanning Graph Problem
    Reut Levi and Christoph Lenzen
  • Brief Announcement: Concurrent Self-Adjusting Distributed Tree Networks
    Bruna Peres, Olga Goussevskaia, Stefan Schmid and Avin Chen
  • Brief Announcement: Rapid Mixing of Local Dynamics on Graphs
    Rémi Varloot and Laurent Massoulié
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