DISC 2015 29th International Symposium on Distributed Computing

Poster Session

The DISC 2015 Poster Session

DISC will be holding a one-hour poster session this year. Some of the submissions that could not be accomodated in the regular program of oral presentations have been invited to present in this format. A list of poster titles and authors will appear in the proceedings. In addition, there will be a short oral “Spotlight” session in which poster presenters will have one minute and one slide to advertise their poster. The Spotlight session is intended to familiarize conference participants with the posters that will be presented, and help them choose which posters they wish to visit.

Posters are a popular format in many scientific conferences, and they provide an effective alternative way to disseminate new results and allow two-way interaction between presenters and audience. Presenting a poster at DISC does not preclude publication in any other conference or venue.

The list of posters is available here in PDF format.


Poster Session List

  • Marijke Bodlaender, Magnus M. Halldorsson and Christian Konrad. “Local Approximation of Independent Sets and Coloring.”
  • Tian Chen, Faith Ellen, Yuanhao Wei and Leqi Zhu. “Atomic Snapshots with Small Registers.”
  • Juho Hirvonen, Joel Rybicki, Stefan Schmid and Jukka Suomela. “Large Cuts with Local Algorithms on Triangle-Free Graphs.”
  • Stephan Holzer and Nathan Pinsker. “Approximation of Distances and Shortest Paths in the Broadcast Congest Clique.”
  • Sushanta Karmakar. “Adaptive Broadcast by Fault-Local Self-Stabilizing Spanning Tree Switching.”
  • Sriram V. Pemmaraju and Vivek B. Sardeshmukh. “Fast MST Computation in Congested Clique with Near-Optimal Message Complexity.”
  • Alexander Spiegelman and Idit Keidar. “On Liveness of Dynamic Storage with In finitely Many Recon figurations.”


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