DISC 2013

DISC 2013 Tutorial: Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

The Evolution of SDN and How Your Network Is Changing

Speaker: Teemu Koponen – Nicira/VMWare

Date and time: Monday, 14 Oct at 15:30.


Network data planes have greatly evolved since the invention of Ethernet: the port densities, forwarding latencies and capacities of modern switches are all at levels no one would have predicted.  Yet at the same time, the principles of network control planes have remained unchanged; over the past decades, network control planes have been a story of distributed algorithms and manual configuration.

As seen in the trade press and networking conference proceedings, Software Defined Networks (SDN) is quickly challenging this, and in networking, the past few years have been all about the evolution of the control plane, almost to the point that it’s difficult to tell what SDN is!

In this tutorial, I’ll cover the evolution of the SDN: its beginning, current state, and where it might be heading next.  Using the industry use cases as examples I’ll discuss the management challenges SDN is solving today, as well as how the implementation of SDN control planes has evolved, how ‘logical centralization’ doesn’t remove aspects of distribution (but exactly the opposite!) and most importantly, how SDN has opened new avenues for the design of network control.  In the end, it may turn out the network community is now more receptive for new distributed algorithms than ever before!.

Short bio:

Teemu Koponen was the chief architect at Nicira Networks before joining VMware as a part of Nicira acquisition in 2012. Teemu received his PhD from Helsinki University of Technology in 2008 and ever since has been indecisive enough to remain active within the network research community while working for the industry. He received the ACM SIGCOMM Rising Star Award 2012 for his contributions on network architectures.


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