DISC 2013

Accepted papers

James Aspnes and Keren Censor-Hillel. Atomic snapshots in expected $O(\log^3 n)$ steps using randomized helping

George Giakkoupis, Maryam Helmi, Lisa Higham and Philipp Woelfel. An O(sqrt n) Space Bound for Obstruction-Free Leader Election

Yuval Emek and Roger Wattenhofer. Frequency Hopping against a Powerful Adversary

Carole Delporte-Gallet, Hugues Fauconnier, Eli Gafni and Leslie Lamport. Adaptive Register-Allocation with a linear number of registers

Mohsen Ghaffari and Fabian Kuhn. Distributed Minimum Cut Approximation

George Giakkoupis, Anne-Marie Kermarrec and Philipp Woelfel. Gossip Protocols for Renaming and Sorting

Mohsen Ghaffari and Bernhard Haeupler. Fast Structuring of Radio Networks for Multi-Message Communications

Ittai Abraham, Danny Dolev and Joseph Halpern. Distributed Protocols for Leader Election: a Game-Theoretic Perspective

Flavio Junqueira and Marco Serafini. On barriers and the gap between active and passive replication.

Bojun Huang and Thomas Moscibroda. Conflict Resolution and Membership Problem in Beeping Channels

Li Lu and Michael L. Scott. Generic Multiversion STM

Kunlong Zhang, Yujiao Zhao, Yajun Yang, Yujie Liu and Michael Spear. Practical Non-blocking Unordered Lists

Ashish Choudhury, Martin Hirt and Arpita Patra. Unconditionally Secure Asynchronous Multiparty Computation with Linear Communication Complexity

Paul Bunn and Rafail Ostrovsky. Secure End-to-End Communication with Optimal Throughput and Resilient Against Malicious Adversary

Johannes Dams, Martin Hoefer and Thomas Kesselheim. Sleeping Experts in Wireless Networks

Alex Kravchik and Shay Kutten. Time Optimal Synchronous Self Stabilizing Spanning Tree

Mohsen Lesani and Jens Palsberg. Proving Non-opacity

Silvio Frischknecht, Barbara Keller and Roger Wattenhofer. Convergence in (Social) Influence Networks

Cyril Gavoille, Christian Glacet, Nicolas Hanusse and David Ilcinkas. On the Communication Complexity of Distributed Name-Independent Routing Schemes

Sebastian Kniesburges, Andreas Koutsopoulos and Christian Scheideler. CONE-DHT: A distributed self-stabilizing algorithm for a heterogeneous storage system

Danny Hendler, Alex Naiman, Sebastiano Peluso, Francesco Quaglia, Paolo Romano and Adi Suissa. Exploiting Locality in Lease-Based Replicated Transactional Memory via Task Migration

Emanuele Guido Fusco, Andrzej Pelc and Rossella Petreschi. Use knowledge to learn faster: Topology recognition with advice

Sebastian Daum, Seth Gilbert, Fabian Kuhn and Calvin Newport. Broadcast in the Ad Hoc SINR Model

Gadi Taubenfeld. Fair Synchronization

David Woodruff and Qin Zhang. When Distributed Computation is Communication Expensive

Nuno Diegues and João Cachopo. Practical Parallel Nesting for Software Transactional Memory

Ittay Eyal, Idit Keidar, Stacy Patterson and Raphael Rom. In-Network Analytics for Ubiquitous Sensing

Erez Petrank and Shahar Timnat. Lock-Free Iterators

Sagar Chordia, Sriram Rajamani, Kaushik Rajan, Ganesan Ramalingam and Kapil Vaswani. Asynchronous Resilient Linearizability

Olivier Bournez, Jonas Lefèvre and Mikael Rabie. On trustful population protocols

Chen Avin and Robert Elsässer. Faster Rumor Spreading: Breaking the log n Barrier

Faith Ellen and Philipp Woelfel. An Optimal Implementation of Fetch-and-Increment

Erez Kantor, Israel Cidon and Shay Kutten. Prudent Opportunistic Cognitive Radio Access Protocols

James Hegeman and Sriram Pemmaraju. A Super-Fast Distributed Algorithm for Bipartite Metric Facility Location

Tomasz Jurdzinski, Dariusz Kowalski, Grzegorz Stachowiak and Michal Rozanski. Distributed Broadcasting in Wireless Networks under the SINR Model

Lélia Blin and Sébastien Tixeuil. Compact Deterministic Self-Stabilizing Leader Election: The Exponential Advantage of Being Talkative.

Michael Dinitz and Merav Parter. Braess’s Paradox in Wireless Networks: The Danger of Improved Technology

Brief Announcements

Hammurabi Mendes, Maurice Herlihy and Christine Tasson. The Topology of Asynchronous Byzantine Colorless Tasks

Marcin Bienkowski, Nadi Sarrar, Stefan Schmid and Steve Uhlig. Dynamic Forwarding Table Aggregation without Update Churn: The Case of Dependent Prefixes

Carlos Gómez-Calzado, Alberto Lafuente, Mikel Larrea and Michel Raynal. Revisiting Dynamic Distributed Systems

Trevor Brown, Faith Ellen and Eric Ruppert. A General Technique for Non-blocking Trees

Chen Avin, Michael Borokhovich, Zvi Lotker and David Peleg. Distributed MST in Core-Periphery Networks

Faith Ellen, Rotem Oshman, Toni Pitassi and Vinod Vaikuntanathan. Private-Channel Models in Multi-Party Communication Complexity

Danny Dolev and Christoph Lenzen. Silence is Golden: Communication-Efficient Consensus Without a Common Clock

Aravind Natarajan and Neeraj Mittal. A Concurrent Lock-Free Red-Black Tree

Sergio Rajsbaum, Michel Raynal and Julien Stainer. What Can Be Computed in the Presence of Concurrent Solo Executions

Nuno Diegues and Paolo Romano. Time-warp: lightweight abort minimization in Transactional Memory

Yonina Eldar, Idit Keidar and Stacy Patterson. Distributed Compressed Sensing for Sensor Networks

Gregory Chockler, Dan Dobre and Alexander Shraer. Consistency and Complexity Tradeoffs for Highly-Available Multi-Cloud Store

Nhan Nguyen, Philippas Tsigas and Håkan Sundell. ParMarkSplit: A Parallel Mark-Split Garbage Collector Based on a Lock-Free Skip-List

Christian Cachin, Dan Dobre and Marko Vukolić. BFT Storage with 2t+1 Data Replicas

Heger Arfaoui and Pierre Fraigniaud. Local Decision and Verification with Bounded-Size Outputs

Marco Canini, Petr Kuznetsov, Dan Levin and Stefan Schmid. The Case for Reliable Software Transactional Networking

Cédric Auger, Zohir Bouzid, Pierre Courtieu, Sébastien Tixeuil and Xavier Urbain. Certified impossibility results for Byzantine-tolerant mobile robots


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