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14th International Symposium on Distributed Computing

Toledo, Spain, Oct 4-6, 2000

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The proceedings of the conference is edited by
Maurice Herlihy
In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol. 1914, Springer, 2000,
ISBN 3-540-41143-7.

    List of papers:

    Accepted Papers

  • Faith E. Fich and Eric Ruppert : Lower Bounds in Distributed Computing,
    pages 1-28.
  • James H. Anderson and Yong-Jik Kim : Adaptive Mutual Exclusion with Local Spinning,
    pages 29-43.
  • Lisa Higham and Jalal Kawash : Bounds for Mutual Exclusion with only Processor Consistency,
    pages 44-58.
  • David Detlefs and Christine H. Flood and Alex Garthwaite and Paul Martin and Nir Shavit and Guy L. Steele Jr. : Even Better DCAS-Based Concurrent Deques,
    pages 59-73.
  • Yedidia Atzmony and David Peleg : Distributed Algorithms for English Auctions,
    pages 74-88.
  • Indranil Gupta and Robbert van Renesse and Kenneth P. Birman : A Probabilistically Correct Leader Election Protocol for Large Groups,
    pages 89-103.
  • Tamar Eilam and Shlomo Moran and Shmuel Zaks : Approximation Algorithms for Survivable Optical Networks,
    pages 104-118.
  • Grzegorz Greg Malewicz and Alexander Russell and Alexander A. Shvartsman : Distributed Cooperation During the Absence of Communication,
    pages 119-133.
  • Harry Buhrman and Alessandro Panconesi and Riccardo Silvestri and Paul M. B. Vitányi : On the Importance of Having an Identity or is Consensus Really Universal,
    pages 134-148.
  • Hagit Attiya and Arie Fouren : Polynominal and Adaptive Long-Lived (2-1)-Renaming,
    pages 149-163.
  • Michael Merritt and Gadi Taubenfeld : Computing with Infinitely Many Processes,
    pages 164-178.
  • Victoria Ungureanu and Naftaly H. Minsky : Establishing Business Rules for Inter-Enterprise Electronic Commerce,
    pages 179-193.
  • Carlo Blundo and Annalisa De Bonis and Barbara Masucci : Metering Schemes with Pricing,
    pages 194-208.
  • Oliver E. Theel : Exploitation of Ljapunov Theory for Verifying Self-Stabilizing Algorithms,
    pages 209-222.
  • Joffroy Beauquier and Ajoy Kumar Datta and Maria Gradinariu and Frederic Magniette : Self-Stabilizing Local Mutual Exclusion and Daemon Refinement,
    pages 223-237.
  • Paolo Boldi and Sebastiano Vigna : More Lower Bounds for Weak Sense of Direction: The Case of Regular Graphs,
    pages 238-252.
  • Meng-Jang Lin and Keith Marzullo and Stefano Masini : Gossip versus Deterministically Constrained Flooding on Small Networks,
    pages 253-267.
  • Marcos Kawazoe Aguilera and Carole Delporte-Gallet and Hugues Fauconnier and Sam Toueg : Thrifty Generic Broadcast,
    pages 268-282.
  • Lefteris M. Kirousis and Evangelos Kranakis and Danny Krizanc and Yannis C. Stamatiou : Locating Information with Uncertainty in Fully Interconnected Networks,
    pages 283-296.
  • Yasushi Saito and Henry M. Levy : Optimistic Replication for Internet Data Services,
    pages 297-314.
  • Marta Patiño-Martínez and Ricardo Jiménez-Peris and Bettina Kemme and Gustavo Alonso : Scalable Replication in Database Clusters,
    pages 315-329.
  • Eli Gafni and Leslie Lamport : Disk Paxos,
    pages 330-344.
  • Dahlia Malkhi and Michael Merritt and Michael K. Reiter and Gadi Taubenfeld : Objects Shared by Byzantine Processes,
    pages 345-359.
  • Faith E. Fich and Andreas Jakoby : Short Headers Suffice for Communication in a DAG with Link Failures,
    pages 360-373.
  • Gregory Chockler and Roy Friedman and Roman Vitenberg : Consistency Conditions for a CORBA Caching Service,
    pages 374-388.
  • Winner of Best Student Paper Award

  • Hagit Attiya and Arie Fouren : Polynominal and Adaptive Long-Lived (2-1)-Renaming,
    pages 149-163.