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The three suggested hotels are marked in the ENSEEIHT surroudings map.


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France Toulouse is the capital of Région Midi-Pyrénées in the Southwest of France. It is ideally placed, on the river Garonne, equidistant from the Atlantic ocean, the Mediterranean sea, the Pyrénées, and the "Massif Central" area. It is only about 400km from Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia in the north east of Spain. The "Canal du midi", an attractive place for holidays or tourism by boat, links the Atlantic ocean near Bordeaux to the Mediterranean sea near Sète, passes through the city. Toulouse is in the heart of the South of Europe, at the intersection of various cultures and very different geographical areas and also has a very rich and important historical heritage.

In the last decades, Toulouse has also become one of the main places in Europe for the development of aeroplanes and for space activities, which makes it a hot spot for research activities and for emerging technologies.

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The conference will take place at ENSEEIHT. ENSEEIHT is the National Polytechnic Engineering School of Electrotechnology, Electronics, Computer Science and Hydraulics of Toulouse and is member of a group of four engineering schools, the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse (INPT). ENSEEIHT is located in the centre of Toulouse close to many hotels and restaurants and within walking distance of the main buildings in the town.


By Road :

Toulouse can be reached by four motorways :

carte routiere centre ville

A circular highway bypasses the town with connections to the main secondary access roads. The centre of Toulouse is itself surrounded by a ring road on which the traffic could be very heavy at rush hour.

To reach the centre of Toulouse, in the vicinity of ENSEEIHT and most of the hotels, it is advisable to follow the highway and to leave it at the Castres exit 17 (N120). Follow the direction centre ville / Cité de l'Hers and after crossing the Canal du Midi, you can :


By Air :

The Toulouse-Blagnac Airport is one of the best connected in France after Paris. The following direct connections are available to and from Toulouse :

You can get from the Airport to the centre of Toulouse by taxi or by a shuttle bus (departure every 20 mn, journey time between 20 and 30 mn). The stops of the shuttle in the centre are the Palais des Congrés, the Place Jeanne d'Arc, the Allées Jean Jaurès and the Matabiau Railway Station (main station). The more convenient stop to reach ENSEEIHT or most of the hotels is Allées Jean Jaurès (at the junction with the Boulevard Lazare Carnot).

By Rail :

The Toulouse-Matabiau Railway Station is very close to the town centre, only a few hundred metres or so from ENSEEIHT and most of the hotels.

Saint Sernin

Direct connections are available between Toulouse and :

In Toulouse :

There is only a single subway line in Toulouse which is approximatively orientated East-West. The centre of Toulouse is served by the stations (from West to East) : Gare Matabiau, Jean Jaurès, Capitole, Esquirol and Saint-Cyprien. The more convenient station to reach ENSEEIHT or most of the hotels is Jean Jaurès (at the junction of the Allées Jean Jaurès and the Boulevard Lazare Carnot). There are very efficient bus services linking the different districts of the town and the suburbs.

Once arriving in the town centre, ENSEEIHT, hotels and the main features of Toulouse are all within walking distance.

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