International Symposium on DIStributed Computing (DISC) 2021

Workshop Program

All times are in Central European Summer Time = CEST = Berlin time = UTC+02:00.

To access the Zoom sessions, go to the participant access page. The password for this page is mailed to all participants in the “Welcome to DISC 2021” email and it has also been posted in the first welcome message on the #disc2021 stream on the PODC-DISC Zulip platform.


Monday, October 4


Chair: Sebastian Brandt

15:00 Goran Zuzic: An Overview of Universal Optimality in Distributed Computing
15:35 Laurent Feuilloley: Local Certification of Graph Classes
16:10 Coffee break
16:30 Peter Davies: LOCAL and Low-Space MPC: A Bridge Between Distributed and Parallel Computing
17:05 Krzysztof Nowicki: Spanning Trees and Small Cuts in Congested Clique
17:40 Coffee break
18:00 Alkida Balliu: The Ubiquity of Δ-Coloring
18:35 Anton Bernshteyn: Distributed Algorithms and Descriptive Combinatorics
19:15 Workshop ends!


16:00 Keynote by Julian Loss: Formal Security Guarantees for Distributed Consensus Algorithms
17:00 Joseph Tassarotti: Modular Verification of Distributed Systems with Grove
17:40 Coffee break
17:50 Christopher Goes: Formal reasoning about privacy and incentive compatibility in zero-knowledge protocol design
18:30 Bernhard Kragl: The Civl Verifier
19:10 Discussion (maybe in breakout rooms)
20:00 Workshop ends!


Friday, October 8


16:00 Keynote by Jochen Hoenicke: Proof Spaces and Operational Correctness Arguments (joint work with Azadeh Farzan and Zachary Kincaid)
17:00 Sreeja S Nair: Exploring the coordination lattice
17:40 Coffee break
17:50 Karem Sakallah: Regularity, Quantification, and Hierarchical Strengthening: A New Approach to Verify Distributed Protocols
18:30 Roopsha Samanta: Taming Unbounded Distributed Systems with Modular, Bounded Verification
19:10 Discussion (maybe in breakout rooms)
20:00 Workshop ends!


11:00  Luca Cardelli
13:00  60 min break
14:00  Mustafa Khammash
15:00  Ángel Goñi-Moreno
16:00  Nancy Lynch


18:00Workshop Ends!

14:30 Stephan Merz: Introduction to TLA+
Coffee Break
15:45 Igor Konnov: Symbolic model checking for TLA+ using Apalache
16:15 Stephan Merz: The TLA+ Proof System
16:45 Coffee Break
17:00 Igor Konnov, Markus Kuppe Stephan Merz: Fireside chat on the use of TLA+ and its tools