International Symposium on DIStributed Computing (DISC) 2021

Call for Workshops

DISC 2021 will be held this year in Freiburg, Germany between the  4th to the 8th of October as a hybrid conference ( The main conference will take place between the 5th to the 7th.

There are two workshop and tutorial days: the 4th and the 8th. We intend to follow the “workshops template” from last years’ DISCs ( and, that is, there will be up to 3-4 workshops per day (depending on the predicted number of participants [physical or virtual]) where we synchronize the parallel talks as much as possible so that “cross-workshops” participants will not miss any of the talks. This also guarantees shared coffee and lunch breaks.

The organization of DISC will encourage students to participate in the workshops, e.g., allotting a quota of free-of-charge local students, and waiving workshop registration for students that participate in the main conference. DISC will also waive the registration fees of a limited number of speakers per workshop/tutorial. Since the workshops are hybrid, virtual attendance is free of charge.

We already have 4 committed workshops/tutorials:

  1. ADGA (chaired by  Sebastian Brandt): See ADGA website that includes all past ADGA workshops.
  2. CELLS (chaired by Matthias Fuegger, Manish Kushwaha, and Thomas Nowak): Check out their last year’s website is here:
  3. TLA+ tutorial (chaired by Markus Kuppe, Leslie Lamport, and Stephan Merz).
  4. FRIDA (Workshop on Formal Reasoning in Distributed Algorithms).

We are interested in topics that are related to distributed-computing and systems on one hand, but also in topics that have the potential of extending the scope of what the community sees as “distributed computing” on the other hand (please see the scope of DISC in and check out the list of last’s year workshops in

Please email me (Moti Medina, a short proposal by the end of July with the following details:

  1. Workshop/tutorial name and an optional acronym (please state whether it is a workshop, a tutorial, or any other format)
  2. Names, affiliations, and email addresses of the organizers. Please specify who is the point of contact.
  3. Short description of the workshop’s topic and its relevance to the DISC community.
  4. Date preference: please state if you are OK with being scheduled to the 4th, the 8th, or that you are OK with both options.
  5. Two names of committed speakers.
  6. A skeleton schedule of the workshop (see an example for a virtual meeting in here: and a non-virtual in here:
  7. A link to a website of a past meeting of your workshop.
  8. The predicted number of participants.
  9. In case the physical/hybrid meeting is canceled, would you like to have a virtual workshop?

Thank you,
Moti Medina
Workshops and tutorials chair, DISC 2021