International Symposium on DIStributed Computing (DISC) 2019

Local Information

The City

DISC 2019 will be hosted by Budapest – the capital of Hungary, which is one of the very popular touristic targets in Europe. Budapest is a historic city having nearly 2 million inhabitants in the very heart of Middle Europe. Its unique architecture is a unique mix of the best European art and the local traditions. As single entity it was founded in 1873 as the unification of the separate historic towns of Buda (the royal capital since the 15th century), Pest (the cultural center dating back to the Roman times) and Óbuda (built on the ancient Roman settlement of Aquincum).

The city is bisected by the River Danube, which makes Budapest a natural geographical centre and a major international transport hub. Budapest has a rich and fascinating history, a vibrant cultural heritage, yet it managed to maintain its magic and charm. The city offers several tens of museums, concert halls and an opera house, but junior people may enjoy its specific subculture ranging from jazz concerts to ruin pubs. Budapest is called the City of Spas with a dozen thermal baths served by over a hundred natural thermal springs.

Budapest has an excellent public transportation system (offering among others the longest tram wagon in the world). The city is safe, the criminality rate corresponds to the European average.

For more information about Hungary and Budapest, see the pages of Budapest Tourist Information, the Hungarian Tourist Office, and the corresponding WikiVoyage site (it is really good).

Getting to Budapest

Budapest lies in the very centre of Europe. As the capital of Hungary, it has good travel connections from/to most European cities by flight and from/to most Central-European cities by train.

Budapest is easily accessible by air in 2-3 hours from most major cities of Europe, 5-6 hours from the Middle East and about 9 hours from the East Coast of the American continent. For flight information please visit the pages of Budapest Airport (code BUD).

For more information see Getting to Hungary.

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